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About the LazorBlade

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, LazorBlade Inc. is the exclusive distributor of LazorBladestechnologically advanced and superior quality disposable razors, shaving systems, shaving cartridges and shaving accessories for men and women. Its product origins date back to a time not so far from now,when a small company named LazorBlade was founded in a Home on Randolph Avenue. Today, Lazorblade is gaining market share and a leader for disposable shaving products and is a household recognized brand in numerous countries. By strategically aligning with Global Partners, LazorBladehas been able to introduce the pinnacle of shaving innovation to the U.S. consumer marketplace, including the world’s first Double Triple blade shaving system, as well as the patent pending Double Triple blade platform.

At LazorBlade, innovation and technological advancement are hallmark traits of the organization. By leveraging these core assets, the company’s goal is to deliver an exceptional shaving experience for all who use Lazorblades comprehensive product line of disposable razors, systems, cartridges and accessories. The most important attribute attached to a LazorBlade product is that all of the company’s products are designed with a singular focus in mind. The company’s products are designed for you, the shaver.

LazorBlade offers a full array of products to business customers nationwide. With mass distribution centers located around the country, the company can readily meet the demands of its business customers. As exemplified by the company’s latest products, the professionals at LazorBlade are diligently working to improve your shaving experience to make it an exceptional one. The company invites you to try the products and learn for yourself why LazorBlade is the preferred choice of so many men and women worldwide who seek an unparalleled shaving experience and value. LazorBlade invites you to feel the technology and value the difference.