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Welcome to the Merge Me App. We hope that you are enjoying your user experience with our App. By now, you see the value in our App and how it will literally change the Internet and Social Networking as we know it. Hold on to your seats because there is more to come. This App was several years in the making. It was initially supposed to be for the web. I envisioned a website that integrates all of the Major social networking sites into one user friendly portal. A place where you one could interact with all of their social feeds without having to leave our site. Because of the staggering financial resources it would take to pull such a site off, it was placed on the back burner. Out of desperation, which is the mother of all invention, we came up with a more feasible way to put our idea out without a massive amount of finances.

Because it is the first ever social networking integration concept, it will have bumps. We ask that you help us to get over the bumps and humps. We also ask for your support in helping to make your user experience more exciting and easy to navigate. Please feel free to share your input and leave your comment and or messages on how to improve our app, which will eventually give birth to our full-fledged social networking website. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come. Please go to the next page and share our commercial trailers across your social networking platforms. Each month, we will be randomly selecting users of the App, to give gifts and prizes to for sharing our app. We take your feedback seriously, and peruse each and every comment or email message. For problems or concerns with your app, please feel free to contact us at;, or For media inquiries contact,

At FaceLinkTweet Inc., we believe in “ Paying it forward”. If there is anything that we can do to help, in terms of Social programs and community activism, feel free to contact us. We would love to support your community and social programs. You can reach us at:

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